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We are the original Pro-Drivers, and are proud that our brand name has become used as an industry-wide term to describe talented motorsport professionals.

We are much more than the sum of our talented team members.

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Pro-Drivers Team

Our team of Pro-Drivers have decades of collective experience in motorsport, yet they are still the freshest and hardest working in the industry. We have access to pretty much every driving discipline, from the BTCC to the WRC to NASCAR, with every other letter of the alphabet in between! All of our Pro-Drivers need to graduate from our Pro-Drivers Academy before qualifying to join the team – ask us about it or, even better, come along to one and see for yourself.

Through our Pro-Drivers Academy, we build upon the driving talent that our team offers, by enhancing their media skills to ensure great brand representation for you.

We offer our clients the best driving talent, the right social skills to represent
 your brand effectively and direct access to the social media savvy millennial generation.

Event Design and Creative

Whether you’re looking for more of a traditional event or a completely unique experience, we have the resources, creativity and expertise to produce the most memorable events out there, whatever your goals. Our global network, capability and ‘there’s always a way’ attitude allows us to produce events in unique locations to enthuse and engage your guests. When we were asked by a client if they could race a car against a fighter jet, we said no, but we did race a helicopter and it was closer than you might expect!

Project and Event Management

Plan the Work and Work the Plan – We pride ourselves on being ahead of the game with online collaborative and totally transparent technologies that knock our competitors out of the park. You follow progress live online with us and become a genuine integrated part of our team with live gantt charts, live financial tracking and live progress reports on every task. Sitting behind the clever stuff is 25+ years of experience giving you total peace-of-mind.

Product Demonstration

Twenty eight years ago, our business was founded in response to a client’s desire to demonstrate new vehicle technologies and to change the way industry experts and customers understood, appreciated and wanted that technology.

Applying the same science that underpins our prowess with product presentation, to product demonstration is a key ingredient in our capabilities. Understanding what is important to our clients and what is of interest to our guests, enables us to demonstrate vehicles, their specific technologies and key features with clarity. Again, hands-on appreciation is most beneficial and experiential learning most valuable.

We showcase what’s possible and in doing so, wow and delight guests.

We enable guests to explore their and each vehicle’s capabilities and provide memorable experiences, which add value when described with either words, pictures or both.

Product Presentation

Our team offer granular level knowledge of how vehicles work and what they can do, and importantly through great social skills are able to readily share this with the many and varied professionals, experts, customers and prospective customers whom we are privileged to engage.

We are masters at listening, asking insightful questions to ascertain the existing level of knowledge and familiarity of those we are talking with, and expert in adding to their knowledge and positive orientation towards a given vehicle or brand.

We deliver engaging product presentations, showcasing a vehicle’s new news and good news, always ensuring that the benefits of each feature that are relevant to each recipient, are experienced or fully absorbed. We make the complicated understandable and provide clarity through hands-on and fun discovery activities. Indeed we hear regularly that elements of our product presentation have been replayed by industry professionals to their customers, or by customers to their partner or peers. This makes us proud.

Product Review

With our collective knowledge and experience in the Automotive Industry, we are perfectly placed to provide informative, impartial and entertaining product reviews, be that for a new feature or accessory, all the way up to a brand new vehicle.

Precision Driving for Film and Media

Our Pro-Drivers have a innate understanding of vehicle dynamics, as well as what can be achieved from behind the wheel. This makes them perfect as precision drivers who can take direction and extract the maximum to achieve the desired shot.

Dynamic Drive Activity Design

In order to get to know the ins and outs of a vehicle, you have to get behind the wheel. Using our experience, we can design you a drive activity to show off the standout features, and give any vehicle a ‘wow factor’ that won’t be forgotten.

Vehicle Sourcing and Insurance

From providing competitor vehicles for product launch events to sourcing supercars for international road trips, we’ve done it all, including accessing exclusive insurance policies enabling multi national guests to drive all of the vehicles in multiple countries. It wasn’t cheap, but it did make the event.

Event Logistics – Travel and Accommodation

Slick logistics enable guests to really enjoy their experience. Our global network of approved suppliers means we know what we’re purchasing on your behalf, making this a stress free element on all of our events. Clear communication and quality that exceeds expectations means that your guests arrive where they need to be, when they need to be there, in the best frame of mind.

Passenger Experiences

Our drivers are fast, no matter what surface we put them on! As a result, we can rely on them to provide passenger experiences that are never forgotten. Whether you really want to show the capabilities of a new vehicle, or simply excite (or even terrify!) your colleagues with any style of driving possible, we’re your guys.

Venue Sourcing

We’ve sourced world renowned GP tracks, privately owned racing tracks in a garden in SoF, ATV tracks through mountains in Mexico, Rally Courses in Barcelona, Off Road courses in UAE and everything in between. If there’s a suitable venue or location for a spectacular memorable automotive event, then chances are we’ve been there. One thing is certain, our extended team of virtually every Pro-Driver on the planet will be able to help should our core management team be scratching their heads.

Route Planning

Route Planning is one of those things that sounds simple, but as we know, there’s an art to it. Really taking the time to understand the vehicles and the objectives means we pick the right roads and routes to facilitate the perfect experience. Our sister company, DriveSense, helps out with Health and Safety making sure our break / changeover points are big enough to accommodate the convoy and that the user experience is as easy and safe as possible by making sure stopping points are on the same side of the road to avoid needing to cross traffic when entering / exiting.

Ride and Drive Activities

Years of experience has taught us that in order to really experience a vehicle, it’s as important to do this from the passenger seat as it is from the driver’s seat. Pro-Drivers have been creating and delivering Ride and Drive experiences from the day we opened our doors, over 25 years ago. We are experts in leading convoys, whether it’s for an hour long experience or a viral marketing event crossing 10 countries in 10 days, we’ve led them all. Always in control but never to the detriment of the guest experience.

Driver Coaching

It’s no good having an extremely capable car if the driver is not able to extract the best from it. Our team are all experienced instructors and race/performance driving coaches with recognised qualifications from bodies such as the MSA (Motor Sports Association) and ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools). They will be able to bring out the very best from any driver in a safe and systematic manner.