An automotive events and production agency

Founded in 1992 by Simon Davison, 2 x British Rally Champion, we established the term Pro-Drivers which has since become used industry wide. We’ve successfully launched well over 500 vehicles for our clients, always delivering events and marketing content in exciting, innovative ways, perfectly matched to the product and to the audience.

Our creativity, expertise and experience come from the people within our organisation who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, each of which contribute toward our offering.

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We do great things with great things!

Pro-Drivers are masters at production and events. For more than 20 years we have delivered events all around the world, from small to massive!

Product launches, viral marketing campaigns, brand experiences, customer previews, motor shows, we will have done it all, and we are proud of our reputation as the best in the business.

We have the whole event covered, through from planning to delivery. Our brilliant team has experience at each stage, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in our quest to deliver the perfect solution.

Our Creative and Project Management teams plan every element of the process meticulously from concept and ideation through to delivery. We can manage the whole thing all the way through to providing you with full reporting and clear return on investment at the end of the event.

Once on site everything is sorted, building the site, setting infrastructure and technology, supplying catering, drivers, trainers, hosts, valeting, a DJ, props, branding, flowers, fuel…even a stunt pilot and helicopter, whatever you want we know we can deliver.

Having seen firsthand the positive effect our events have on your audience, it is easy to see the huge potential that Pro-Drivers live events have.


Because we love it!

When we started the business, we knew that there was no better group of people to demonstrate how capable vehicles actually are. We used dynamic and precision driving to create unparalleled experiences for our guests.

Over time, our capabilities evolved but our passion for achieving the seemingly impossible never faded.

This evolution continues to this day, and is arguably more important now than ever before. With worldwide restrictions on travel and large gatherings, creating experiences and content is more challenging than ever. This being said, with the rapid emergence of new technology and social media platforms, our audiences are more accessible. We see this as a really exciting opportunity as we, and our clients are forced to consider new mediums, channels and methods.


Plan the work, work the plan!



Pro-Drivers have delivered globally and have offices in the U.K and U.S

We’re proud to have worked with these clients during the past 28 years.